College of Pharmacy holds Student Assembly

Saturday, Feb 17, 2018

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences held an annual student assembly between the college administration and students. This was to inform about the College developments and future programs along with giving the students a platform to communicate their suggestions and concerns. The meeting was held in the presence of Prof. Nageeb Hassan, Dean of the College, Heads of departments, and Head of laboratories.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Dean of the College welcomed the students and thanked them for attending this important assembly, which come in accordance with the directives of the AU management.

The Dean said that all the suggestions by the students through the surveys conducted by the College over the past months have been studied by the College Council and have been implemented during the past period.

Colleges organize assemblies to keep students abreast of the news and developments along with being able to communicate directly with the management. This bolsters their confidence in their college management and encourages them to voice their suggestions and views.