Pharmacy Student Raises Awareness on Appropriate Use and Storage of Medicine

Monday, May 29, 2017

As part of Ajman University initiatives for the Year of Giving, a final year student from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Lillas Alaa Eddin under the supervision of Dr. Zehra Eidis, organized two awareness lectures in Umm Al-Momineen Women's Association in Ajman and Ajman Development Society. The lectures dealt with the safe and correct use of medicines.

The lecturer discussed the good practices in storing medicines, as well as the correct use of different types of medicine and gave an explanation of the possible interactions of different medicines with some foods and other medicines that may affect the effectiveness of the treatment. She also talked about the right ways to communicate with healthcare professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

These lectures were attended by a number of the members from the two associations who have praised this initiative for its benefits for everyone.