International Pharmacy and Medicine Conference Concludes

Sunday, Nov 12, 2017

The International Conference of Pharmacy & Medicine at AU comes to a successful end. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences organized the conference in conjunction with AL Hazm Industrial Investment at Sheikh Zayed Hall for Conferences and Exhibitions.

This conference acted as an amalgamation for bridging the gap between academia and industry. All the speakers who came from different parts of the globe, sponsors, exhibitors, organizers, college students and participants were a significant part of this conference which was an ideal platform to share views, discuss topics and exchange knowledge and expertise.

Some of the key recommendations of the conference include:

  1. Improvement of the quality of the health care providers to be challenging with the requirement of multidisciplinary/multitasking employability
  2. Establishing industry-academia sustainable partnerships by setting up incubation center in the University.
  3. The need for harmonization of the bioequivalence guidelines between various regulatory bodies.
  4. The interference of the insurance companies with the pharmacist should be limited in choosing the correct medication.
  5. Development of health care intervention to reduce the mortality of adult population.
  6. Enhancement of the use of artificial intelligence and computer system validation for analyzing the data.
  7. Enhancement of the use safety and efficacy in the medicine manufacturing process.


The insightful workshops also presented their recommendations which included:

  1. A call to form an alliance of colleges of pharmacy deans and members from the Emirates Medical Association to formulate agenda to drive pharmacy practice and education.
  2. Proposal to MOH and other legislating bodies a preceptor-training program developed by colleges of pharmacy so that the preceptors are familiar with colleges’ needs for training
  3. There is a need to offer wider selection of elective courses that will help graduates of pharmacy programs meet market needs, best if through postgraduate certificate or diploma offerings.