Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Day on Campus

Sunday, Nov 27, 2016

In solidarity with the campaign led by the World Health Organization under the slogan "Antibiotics: Handle with care"

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Ajman University organized an awareness event on campus, which aimed to educate individuals and students on how to use antibiotics properly.

Dr. Abdul Haq Al Nuaimi, Vice Chancellor for Development and Communication, inaugurated the event along with Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Dr. Nageeb Hassan, Dean of College of Business Administration, Dr. Mohammed Al Shami, also present were faculty members and students.

Several brochures and awareness leaflets were distributed along with many other explanatory posters across the campus to raise awareness on handling antibiotics for all age groups.

The event also included an explanatory section about natural antibiotics and their benefits were also explained. Healthy drinks with natural antibiotics benefits such as cardamom and dates were also served during the event in order to promote healthy food intake.

Laboratory samples were also on display to explain the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. The audiences learned about them through practical hands on experimentation.

A students’ competition aimed at promoting the scientific curiosity to research and enrich their knowledge was also held as part of the activities to mark this day. The winners were selected and rewarded for their inventive contribution to science.