Yassin Khaled  Al Hariri 714

Yassin Khaled Al Hariri

  • 06 705 6203
  • y.hairir@ajman.ac.ae

Master in clinical pharmacy, 2007 University Science Malaysia( USM) Malaysia

Lecturer in clinical pharmacy department, 2007 till now, AUSTN, Ajaman, UAE.
Preceptor, College of Pharmacy and Health Science, 2007 till now (community pharmacy clerkship, hospital pharmacy clerkship and clinical

• Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting: Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among community Pharmacists in UAE.
• Evaluation the knowledge of female teachers regarding breast cancer in Ajman female schools
• Study of the relationship between the scores of different pharmacy subjects and different GPA, AGPA and Secondary school average scores of pharmacy students.

• Qassim, S., Metwali, Z., & Al Hariri, Y. WHY THERE IS A NEED FOR DRUG POST MARKETING SURVEILLANCE? European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research (2016) 3(3), 45-50.
Available on line: http://www.ejpmr.com/admin/assets/article_issue/1456710071.pdf

• Sundos Qassim, Zakia Metwaly, Mohammed Shamsain, Yassin Al Hariri. SPONTANUOUS REPORTING OF ADVERSE DRUG REACTION IN UAE: OBSTACLES AND MOTIVATION AMONG COMMUNITY PHARMACISTS. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. IJPSR (2014), Vol. 5, Issue 10. Available on line: http://ijpsr.com/bft-article/spontaneous-reporting-of-adverse-drug-reactions-in-uae-obstacles-and-motivation-among-community-pharmacists/

• Sundos Qassim, Zakia Metwaly, Mohammed Shamsain, Yassin Al Hariri. REPORTING ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS: EVALUATIONS OF KNOWLEDGE , ATTITUDE AND PRACTICE AMONG COMMUNITY PHARMACITS IN UAE. IOSR Journal Of Pharmacy, Volume 4, Issue 4 (April 2014), PP. 17-23.
Available on line: http://www.iosrphr.org/papers/v4i04/E044017023.pdf