Samir Issa  Bloukh 303

Samir Issa Bloukh

  • 06 705 6250

Born : 2.10.1955 in Amman, Jordan
1977 DVM, University of Faisalabad, Pakistan
1985 Postgraduate Diploma in Bacteriology, Manchester University, UK
1991, PhD in Virology, Serology and Peptide Synthesis, Manchester University, UK

2016-present Head of Dept of Pharmacology and Toxicology
2011-2012 Head of Research Teams in Ajman Univ
2003-2010 Member of the innovative medical commission
Dec 2010 Head of a delegation to China for exploration regarding stem cells
July 2010 Member of a delegation to Germany and Holland
On stem cells.
1/2000-5/2009 Dean, College of Pharmacy, Ajman Univ
2007-2009 Head of the Pharmacy accreditation committee of the colleges of pharmacy in the Arab World.
2004-2006 President of the association of the colleges of pharmacy in the Arab World
21.9.1998-30.10.1998 qualified Management Course for International Public Health offered by CDC and Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University
1992-1999 Head, Diagnostic Virology and Serology Laboratory, Ministry of Health, Amman
1997-1999 Member of the AIDS National Control Committee, Jordan
1979-1984 Head of Diphtheria Vaccine production and Control, Jordan Vaccine Institute, Amman
1978-1983 Vice director of Jordan Vaccine Institute

Antibacterial activity of Crown Ether Polyiodides of Cupric iodide and Alkalimetaliodides MI
Vitamin D Deficiency

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